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climate change, microclimate and heat islands


At ŠKODA AUTO, we have been monitoring the occupancy of large parking lots without barriers using dozens of sensors for 5 years, and we are more accurate than a camera.

David Bárta, CityOne




As part of the city laboratory in Žilina, the system was designed in such a way that it was possible to monitor and compare different locations in the city - a built-up area in front of a shopping center in the city center, a small city park also in the city center, and a paved area of a university campus on the outskirts of the city, which is surrounded by forests .

The system consists of weather stations with a specially placed temperature sensor at a height of 80 cm above the ground, which complement surface and subsurface temperature sensors. It provides information on the quality of the microclimate affected by the quality of public space and serves to monitor climate change and heat islands.

On one of the hottest days in 2021, we measured the air temperature in front of the shopping center at 30.5°C, at 80 cm 37°C and the surface temperature was 43°C. It is thus possible to point out the effects of heat islands and the significant differences in the temperature of the air that adults, small children or dogs breathe. The system thus serves for general education about the necessary transformation of public spaces into climate-resistant ones, but also for specific city projects for the revitalization of public spaces with an emphasis on the city center.

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