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At ŠKODA AUTO, we have been monitoring the occupancy of large parking lots without barriers using dozens of sensors for 5 years, and we are more accurate than a camera.

David Bárta, CityOne

ŠKODA AUTO Kvasiny plant

since 2017


The sensor system of traffic magnetometers located at the entrances and exits of the ŠKODA AUTO parking lots, Kvasiny plant, has been in operation for the seventh year. It consists of two dozen sensors monitoring parking areas with approximately 2,000 parking spaces, which makes it the cheapest possible and barrier-free solution.

The system uses IoT communication on IQRF, as well as LoRa, and sends current data to variable message signs located in adjacent municipalities and at the entrance to the plant's main gate. The same information is also available through the web application (virtual sign). Each sign has a separate backup power supply to bridge power outages. In 2018, the system was tested against other detection technologies or tools for cloud data processing and came out as the best. You can read more in the attached report.

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