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Frost forecast


At ŠKODA AUTO, we have been monitoring the occupancy of large parking lots without barriers using dozens of sensors for 5 years, and we are more accurate than a camera.

David Bárta, CityOne

ŠKODA AUTO Mladá Boleslav



The deployed system consists of three modules – sensor network, algorithmic data evaluation and notification system. The sensor system consists of 3 weather stations, 11 surface and subsurface temperature sensors, two rain gauges and one pyranometer.


The algorithmic evaluation of data from these sensors is based on a combination of conditions that together trigger a first or second level alert, i.e. a note or a warning against the occurrence of icing, which the system predicts reliably 2 hours in advance. The system constantly evaluates the given data and checks whether the Ice Warning alert is still valid. The system records all these events and provides a management overview of all events/alerts in the dashboard.


Based on a first or second level alert, the notification system automatically sends a notification or warning to the maintenance staff in the form of SMS or email, according to the customer's wishes.

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